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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Tips to Pick The Right Web Company

So many people get so caught up in how they want their website design to look that they completely forget the most important business part, that of getting visitors to their website. Please do not make this mistake!

Again, we need to say this again, make sure that your web company will help you with online marketing, so that you do not end up with zero visitors.

If you thing that you will be able to successfully sell your products or services by just letting your website sit out in cyberspace and people will just stumble on it and buy something, you are seriously mistaken.

Understanding how to get your website ranked high in Google, Yahoo and MSN, is absolutely crucial and is very vital to your online success. So many people underestimate the importance of this.

The majority of web companies and designers do not assist in the marketing field. It is not part of their business model to help you market your website and help sell your products. They are just there to design the website for you and host it on their servers.

So what happens is that you spend thousands to build, create and design this outstanding website, which is fancy, smart and WOW, but guess what there is not a visitor to be found. What you should realize is that if that is your focus, you have failed even before you have started, because you chose the wrong web company.

Now deciding and taking time to find the perfect online marketing strategy is not easy and very often there are so many other obligations that you will push these strategies to the back burner. You are now putting your business at a disadvantage.

The Internet provides great opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but doing business online presents unique challenges and requires new skills. Get the knowledge you need with hands-on advice from an experienced e-business expert.

Partnering with the right web company and e-business expert can help increase the exposure of your website, build its reputation in your industry, and move on to become the industry authority.

Now, please don’t fail even before you’ve started. Team up and make use of industry professionals that will guide you to online success.


Consideration in Good Web Design

The most important thing to consider on the World Wide Web is that your website reaches certain web standards. These are set out at, here you can check your web site with just a few mouse clicks and it will direct you on whether these standards are being met and, if not, how to change your web site to do so. Another thing to consider is cross-browser compatibility. You’re website may look fantastic in Internet Explorer but if it breaks up in Firefox or Safari you WILL lose visitors. As I write this around 55% of people worldwide use Internet Explorer so that’s 45 people out of every one hundred that visit your site using a different browser so cross-browser support MUST be considered.

Ensure your navigation is as easy as possible, make sure it is clear and concise and that at any point of a visitors browsing they know where they are and how to get back to where they came from. If a visitor experiences any confusion in any way they WILL leave.

Text paragraphs should always be kept at reasonable lengths. If a block of text appears to be too big it can deter some a lot of visitors from reading your content. If you have got a lot of content to go on a page you should always try and split them into small text blocks, this way visitors will be able to pick out what they need to know a lot easier and they will not feel as though they are reading an essay.

If you are using any images, make sure they are optimized to the smallest possible size and try and reduce the number per page. Images will slow the loading of a website down and the majority of the time they aren’t really necessary.

Stay away from using any sort of scripting languages throughout your website for visual images/effects. Scripting can slow down the loading time of a page on your website and even cause the browsers, in some cases, to crash. If you really have to use them, export the code to a different page and reference it when needed. Some browsers aren’t compatible with some scripts so I would advise not using them at all unless it is to handle and manipulate data.

Lastly, style all your pages with CSS, this reduces the amount of code on your web pages enabling them to load quicker and it also saves you a lot of time when re-styling or adjusting the web site in the future.</target=”_blank”>

Tips to Choose Web Design

You have to remember that the choices are all yours, since it’s your site and you have to choose what you like. Choices like which colors, styles, fonts, graphics and writing styles to use are all personal choices and not to be made carelessly. What you say and do on your web site speak a lot about who you are. Here are some of the basics that you have to consider when you do custom website design.

A user friendly navigation is very essential for a good web site. If people find it difficult to go through your site, they won’t stay for long. Too many advertisement is not very encouraging. Users will be finding it as a bad experience. Instead, it will be better to keep the advertisements at a noticeable place.

The website has to be maintained after a person creates it. There should be a regular check if the site is connected with other web sites as sometimes the web site might disappear. When the person is doing web design he should avoid things that blink since it might annoy some readers as blinking is an annoying feature.

Some people like to add music to their web sites. If it annoys the user there are chances that they will leave very quickly and never return. Graphics are an important thing when you do web design. They add color, attitude and theme to your site. They are a necessity and as long as you don’t over do it, it is fine. Too many graphics also make your site upload really slowly.

Black and white is too boring to the average reader and may turn some of them away. Adding the proper colors, without going overboard, will make your website pop and give readers the incentive to browse around. You have to make sure that the background colors you use do not clash with the text colors. There should be a good contrast between the two so that the text can be easily read. If people cannot easily read your web site, they will go somewhere else.

The content in a website is important. A person should decide what he is going to write and include it in his website. He should also make sure that the content should not have grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. The method of enhancing the quality of the traffic to a site is called the search engine optimization of SEO. This is done from search engines with the targeted keywords via search results.