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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Consider These Things When Pick A Web Design Company

Delicate Creative Design Work

To many people, web design in itself is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps they feel that a web designer simply pushes some keys on his or her computer and “poof” it is done. The truth is however, that there are a multitude of creative design choices and decisions that go into the making of a website.

Commercial Considerations

Along with the creative design decisions, there are more than a few business decisions that have to fall into place also. This is because, web design is really a highly refined style of commercial art in many ways. In the end, what a web designer produces in most instances, has to inspire the person that sees it to purchase or use something.

Good Verses Great Web Design

Along with all the graphic art that goes into web design, there is most often a good amount of text that has to be written. This text, or “short stories”, also have to inspire the reader to buy or use something as well. So, can anyone do web design? The answer to that is yes, but not just anyone can do “commercially effective” web design.

Reputation Counts

Look for a web design company that has a well established track record behind them. This means that you will want to see examples of their previous work. Also, it is advisable that you choose a web design company that has already done websites in your business genre as well. Lastly, like a good hair stylist, you can expect to pay more for the services of a seasoned professional.


Common Tips on Web Design

It Takes Money to Make Money

If you plan on making any amount of money off of your website then it would be reasonable to expect that it may take some level of initial cash outlay. This is not in all cases, because if you are having a web designed just for fun, or amusement then that should be what takes priority, fun and amusement.

Time is Money On the Internet

The Internet is truly a business horse race and every day that your website is not generating a profit, is a day that you are falling behind. This mean that you are well advised to seek out the services of experienced web design professionals to assist you with your project. You can choose to learn as you go and do the web design work yourself, but you have to understand that that is going to eat up precious time that you could be making money.

Work With Professionals

Experts in web design have the previous experience that it takes to design and launch a successful website, that is if you select a true professional to do your web design work. This means that you will want to see some previous work that any prospective designer has done before you hand over the job to them.

Dont Let Junior Do the Job

The biggest mistake you can make, is to trust your job to a young relative or neighbor that has recently acquired the necessary software and wants to use you as a guinea pig. Let them practice on simple amateur jobs, that won’t have a negative financial impact on your enterprise rather than your website that you are counting on to make you money.


Tips to Pick Web Designer

Select your marketplace – Do you want a local web designer or an overseas? If you would feel more comfortable working with your designer, then a local designer is for you. You can provide better backup and able to meet face to face to discuss your project.

If you are a bit budget conscious, then it is make sense to choose one web designer from overseas. Getting quotes from designers is not difficult at all. If you know exactly what you are looking and can explain them clearly in writing, you can save a lot.

Where to find – To find a list of local web designers, consult the yellow pages of that place. You can do a web search or check out related directories. For overseas designers, visit websites, compare the quotes and choose the best.

Don’t get confused between web designer and graphic designer-Although the basic design principles are same, there are a whole host of additional factors that a web designer has to take into account while designing a website. Design should be carried out keeping wider application of the internet and usability in mind.

Decide on your budget and make it realistic – Don’t feel compelled to go with the highest quote. Often for a small company, it can be difficult to know what the web budget should be, without knowing the rates. Before you choose a designer, it might be worth clarifying an hourly rate for any additional work.

He should be a good communicator – A good designer should listen to any concerns you have and do their utmost to ensure you feel happy and confident throughout the project.

Draw up a shortlist – You can do this by visiting their websites, getting a feel of what they are looking for and what is your objective. You can question them about the technicalities, about the clients they work for- if necessary.

Get references – Any established web designer will be able to provide references he has been successfully working for. Ask them through email for your satisfaction.

Now you have a fixed price, references and confirmed timescale for your project. It is time to appoint a web designer.