Why Can't My Huband Get An Erection?

Question: My husband and I, both 50, had an active, happy sex life for 30 years. But a year ago he started having problems maintaining an erection. We are both teachers, and his job has been exceptionally difficult. The doctor diagnosed stress and offered medicine, but we are worried about the side effects. I suggested … Continue reading “Why Can't My Huband Get An Erection?”


My husband and I, both 50, had an active, happy sex life for 30 years. But a year ago he started having problems maintaining an erection. We are both teachers, and his job has been exceptionally difficult. The doctor diagnosed stress and offered medicine, but we are worried about the side effects. I suggested we stick to non-penetrative sex but are now seems to be losing interest entirely. Our relationship is suffering. He did have a vasectomy years ago – could this be part of the problem? Various natural remedies have not helped.


Impotence is the failure to achieve either erection or ejaculation, or both. The ancient limbic system of the brain mainly controls erection, together with the hypothalamus, which is the headquarters of the autonomous or involuntary nervous system.

Messages shoot down this network of nerves to the blood vessels of the penis so they dilate, resulting in erection. If, for some reason, the blood vessels of the penis don’t dilate fully and stay dilated, the man can’t have or maintain an adequate erection.

The process is triggered by a variety of stimuli, such as looking at erotic regions of the body, hearing or saying amorous or sexy words, smelling body odour (pheromones, the sex hormones) or particular perfumes, fantasizing about sexual encounters and touching erogenous zones. The conscious brain can’t directly influence erection or orgasm (except for those who have mastered the art of influencing the subconscious).

Impotence can be due to psychological or physical causes, or often a combination of the two. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, depression, loss of libido, marital discord or guilt about sex due to religious or cultural beliefs. ‘Fear of failure’ is a problem, too, especially if the man has experienced several episodes of impotence.

There are many physical causes for impotence. Drugs that treat the vascular or nervous systems have side effects that affect erectile function; these include blood pressure lowering medication, antidepressants, beta-blocker, sedatives, tranquillisers and drugs suppressing stomach acid. Hormonal (endocrine) problems, including diabetes, pituitary malfunctions and, sometimes, low testosterone levels, are also factors. Vascular disease, including atherosclerosis, leads to plaque forming within the small blood vessels that. stimulate erection. Other problems include neurological complications such as multiple sclerosis and surgical damage to nerves (a common side effect of surgery on the prostate gland). Tiredness, heavy drinking and smoking are also implicated.

In your husband’s case, it seems stress and fatigue kick-started the process. The vasectomy may have contributed, as it sometimes leads to weak erectile function and loss of libido some time later. If he gets an early morning erection, there is no problem with the blood flow or nerves. If this is the case, the underlying problem is psychological stress and physical fatigue, probably combined with fear of failure. Once that’s in your head its hard to uproot, but hypnotherapy and therapeutic Iyengar yoga are power full methods of overcoming the problem. Acupuncture is sometimes helpful (look for a qualified practitioner).

These are my suggestions

* First, you must de-stress your bodies and build up your energy levels. Abstinence may be wise for a month or two. Eat a simple, fresh, wholesome diet take gentle exercise, practise Iyengar yoga to help you relax and relieve emotions. Also, massage each other for 30 minutes three or four nights a week, focusing on the neck and shoulders to improve blood flow to the brain, and help libido. Put on some pleasant music and let your partner focus on your touch. Stroke the erogenous zones but do not attempt to have  penetrative sex until you have had at least l5 sessions (details of this are on my lifestyle DVD, available from the Integrated Medical Centre).

* This recipe for egg flip will improve sperm production and naturally create desire. Stir an organic egg into a glass of hot creamy organic milk season to taste. Give him this three or four times a week for two months.

* He should take zinc citrate tablets: one daily for two months; or shilajit tablets): one after breakfast for three months (this Himalayan rock, enriched with zinc, magnesium and other minerals, has been used for millennia for improving ( sexual function in men). He should also take Fortex (Ayurveda Rasashala, tablets): two at bedtime for one month, then alternate nights for two more  months, to improve sperm count.

The Benefits of Green Tea to Men’s Health

Green Tea is an ingredient that increasingly pops up when discussing men’s health concerns. Although it’s been utilized for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes, it seems like new benefits are being revealed all the time. According to numerous scientific studies, the effects of green tea are currently being considered for treatment of a number of health conditions, from several forms of cancer to mental alertness to weight loss to cholesterol maintenance.

To help you understand the importance of this ingredient’s role in both skincare and nutritional capacities, we’ve broken down the many benefits of this ingredient:

Powerful Antioxidant: Green Tea contains high levels of phenolic acids and catechin—antioxidants which play a major role in protecting the body against free radical damage. Free radicals can cause cellular oxidation and damage, which contribute to health problems associated with aging.

Goodbye Jitters: Because Green Tea contains tannin, it produces an energized feeling and increased alertness for extended periods of time. However, unlike caffeine levels in coffee, tannin provides a gentle increase in energy, without the jitteriness or rapid decline in energy associated with this type of caffeinated reaction.

Fat-Burner: Recent studies are being conducted on the increased health benefits of Green Tea for men looking to lose weight. Consuming Green Tea increases the metabolic rate, causing greater fat oxidation and better weight management. In fact, several studies reveal that the potential weight-loss properties of Green Tea go well beyond its ability to simply accelerate metabolism.

Clean & Complete: Green Tea has been utilized throughout the world as a cleansing agent. For more than 5,000 years, Asian cultures have used Green Tea for its healing and cleansing benefits, and Green Tea continues to be a major ingredient in many treatments.

The Full Treatment: Green Tea is also being studied for its potential role in the fight against cancers, heart, joint and liver diseases.

Night Urination – Causes and Cures

Night urination is determined as waking up once or more throughout the night to be able to urinate.  This might be a common phenomenon that affects the quality of lifetime of much of the population and may have an effect on the average number of years a person can expect to live . It arises resulting from quite a lot of issues, for example, enlargement of the prostate gland, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, etc. 

The proportion of those that endure from night urination vary with increased age.  Numerous observations discovered that the incidence ranges from 16-40 percent amongst these aged 45-40 and 50-90 percent amongst these aged 80 years or over. It’s  additionally thought of as a sleep disorder because it’s the trigger for daytime sleepiness and weariness, depression and decreased mental ability.  In consequence, there may be elevated morbidity, increased threat of problems and elevated mortality rate which can be primarily due to falls and bones fractures.

In a healthy person, there are every day  adjustments within the creation of urine by the kidneys.  Daytime urine output is bigger than at night time. 
By definition, elevated night urination output means greater than 20 percent of the full output of urine a day.  Based on some researchers, the manufacturing of more than 0.9 to 1.3 cubic centimeters per minute of urine at night is taken into account as elevated night time output. Patients who sleep six hours a night and their nocturnal night urination is 324 cc or more can be thought of as suffering from increased nocturnal urine output, as a result of they produce over 0.9 cc per minute. Healthy persons are not supposed to rise up at night time to urinate.

The well-known public notion is that extreme night urination is brought about exclusively because of  a swelling of the prostate gland.  But the issue could have several different important factors.  One is a defect in the “anti -night urination” hormone creation.  This defect could be present at birth or achieved.  In many circumstances, it is part of the growing old process, as a result of the hormone manufacturing lessen with age.  Even consuming fluids or alcohol earlier than bed might affect the manufacturing of this hormone.

One more reason is the excessive secretion of salts and water by the body or as a consequence of congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure means your heart can’t pump blood efficiently.  In consequence, fluids remain within the body, concentrated mainly in the space between lower limbs cells.  These fluids cause edema.  Edema can disappear within the morning, as a result of when lying the fluid flows back into blood vessels, the heart and, finally, to the kidneys.

Kidney failure or sleep apnea syndrome can also cause blood drainage problems from the lower extremities.  In consequence, the cumulative fluid within the area between the cells is as in congestive heart failure. While you’re lying down at night time, the fluid is dripping to the veins in the legs and reaches the kidneys. That produces extra urine.  Lack of estrogens, i.e. female hormones, causes urinary system dysfunction and frequency in day and night urination.  Sleep disorders and urinary bladder storage problems additionally increase the need for night urination.

The best-recognized problem related to night urination is an enlarged prostate which causes the  obstruction within the bladder’s output.  As a result, problems are created causing the need to urinate frequently day and night.  A male with the problem should have a short and easy medical examination, which features a physical examination, completing a questionnaire about his medical condition (illness, surgical procedure and medications he takes) and, of course, filling in a diary documenting his urination output throughout a 24 hour period. 

Suggestions are supplied to patients to alter their lifestyles, such as elevating the legs while lying down or utilizing elastic stockings for patients suffering from edema.  These measures improve the vein drainage and cut back edema.  One other suggestion is to keep away from drinking a lot, particularly alcohol, tea and coffee, before going to bed.  If the patient suffers from sleep apnea syndrome, utilizing a positive pressure mask improves sleep quality and reduces night urination.

Different technique of dealing with the problem are the treatment of illnesses such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, situations of an overactive bladder or blockage of the bladder by an enlarged prostate.

Prostate Massage Is A Healthy And Pleasurable Practice

Prostate massages have been performed for centuries both for pleasure and for medical reasons. Also known as prostate milking, the process may be done internally and externally. Internally, it involves inserting into the rectum a finger or one of the prostate massagers out in the market. Externally, it requires stimulating the prostate through the perineum, but this is not as effective as the internal version.

It’s never too early for any man to start thinking about the health of his prostate. Although prostate dysfunction is more likely to afflict men in their 50s and older, even younger men can have prostate trouble, especially if it runs in the family.

For men over the age of 40, prostate problems are common. As men age, their prostate tends to swell, or become infected and men are more susceptible to prostate cancer. Prostate problems including Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and cancer are extremely common. In fact, eight in 10 men will eventually develop an enlarged prostate and one in 10 men will develop prostate cancer.

The male gland is responsible for producing a large percentage of a man’s ejaculate, and it is healthy and desirable to fully drain this fluid regularly. With a little care and knowledge of your prostate, you can keep yourself healthy and pain-free.

Massaging the prostate gland can be very beneficial in draining the highly painful build up of seminal fluid in men with a chronically inflamed or an enlarged prostate.

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage, when performed on a regular basis, can be used as a preventative treatment against prostate cancer. It is good for prostate health in general, and can decrease the risk of prostate enlargement–that is, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). Prostate massage is also a form of sexual play.

The Prostate Gland can be massaged in one of two ways, externally and internally. External and internal prostate massage have been utilized for centuries as part of holistic oriental health practices.

External Prostate Massage

The external prostate massage is the massage you should begin each day with. The internal, invasive, method is probably more effective than the external way; but this method does present some serious concerns for the majority of heterosexual men. For those men I would recommend the use of an external massage device where they just sit on the massage cradle and the bodily movements in combination with the massage cradle performs the therapeutic massage.

The whole purpose of this external prostate massage is to bring some new fresh circulation to the area and keep it fresh and healthy. This short morning external prostate massage will actually help your blood move better through your prostate all throughout your day.

Internal Prostate Massage

If you are experiencing prostate symptoms, regular prostate massages are recommended. Manual stimulation of the prostate is the most direct and often the most pleasurable form of prostate massage. Using toys designed for prostate stimulation, however, can be an effective and pleasurable way to benefit from prostate massage.

After one or two fingers are gently inserted, locate the prostate by massaging towards the perineum (the part of the pelvic floor between the scrotum and anus). You will feel a walnut-shaped gland with a distinct texture. Begin the massage with very light pressure, and communicate with your partner. If there is any tenderness or pain, reduce pressure or stop the massage. If the pressure you are using feels good, continue the massage. Internal Prostate massagers make the job easy and comfortable, minimizing the dread men usually feel for the process.

Aside from the potential health benefits, this form of stimulation can for many men, lead to a prostate orgasm. A prostate orgasm is much different than a typical male orgasm in the fact that they usually are much more intense and last longer than a typical male orgasm.

Warning : Prostate massage is NOT recommended for men with prostate cancer, as you can cause the cancer to metastasize, or for men with a prostate infection, since the infection can spread through the release of bacteria into the blood stream.

Pubic Hair Shaving For Males

It is a growing trend for men to adopt the hair free body look. Increasingly we are seeing more and more men shaving not only their chest, but also their back, arms and legs too. What is a little less well known though is that the shaving of pubic hair is on the rise too.

The reasons for this trend? Well, hair free skin is easier to keep clean, and also makes it easier to check for unhealthy lumps and bumps in the testicles and scrotum. The other reason of course is that it can help to add interest to your sexual life particularly when in a long term relationship. Many women prefer men to be free of hair around their penis as they feel it is sexier and is less likely to harbor infections.

You should first shower and gently exfoliate the area to be shaved, so as to rid yourself of any dry skin particles that may have built up. If you have a lot of hair to contend with, then using scissors prior to using a razor is advisable. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then you might want to consider using a special electric razor, which are easier to use and are less harsh on your skin.

Once you have dried the area thoroughly, apply a shaving cream for sensitive skin all over the area, and then gently apply the razor to the head of the penis, shaving slowly and gently downwards around the shaft. Continue to shave down around the testicles, but do this slowly and with care to avoid any accidents. On completion of the shaving, you should then wash and exfoliate again.

If you are shaving for the first time, it is possible you may experience a rash erupting shortly afterwards. This can be treated with a cortisone cream obtainable from any pharmacy. In any event, it’s necessary to keep the area well moisturized, with a non perfume moisturizer, to keep the area from drying out.